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The finest quality radio antenna towers, monopoles, shelters, cabinets, coax, and more...

Quality communication products at the lowest possible price.

Our Construction Management Services Include:

• Site De-commissioning • New or Used Tower Installations
• Tower Removal • New or Used Shelter Installations
• Shelter Removal • Site Restoration or Refurbishing
• Site Restoration • Temporary COW or Ballasted Monopole Sales & Rentals
• Site Relocation • Start To Finish Complete Site Builds

No request is too large or too small.

Telcom Product Profiles, LLC deals directly with
distributors, dealers, integrators, contractors, and consumers.

TP Pro has a multitude of products and services for:   Product specialties include:
Cellular, PCS, Broadband Wireless, 2-Way, Microwave, SMR, Broadcast, WiMax, Wind Energy, and more...   Towers, monopoles, stealth structures, antenna mounts, shelters, cabinets, mobile towers (COW's), ZINGA, telescoping masts, generators, and much more..


Towers, Monopoles, Mounts, Shelters, Cabinets

Antenna Towers

Nello Towers
Complete line of 15N, 20N, 25N, 45N, 55N, and 65N series towers. 24", 36" and 48" face guyed towers up to 1500'. Self-supporting towers from 10' to 800'. Tapered steel monopoles. Distribution products that include tripods, non-pens, wall
and roof mounts, telescoping masts, tubing, co-location tower components, waveguide supports/accessories, grounding supplies, and a complete line of communication accessories.

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NELLO COW Portable Telescoping TowersCell On Wheels Mobile Radio Antenna Towers

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Radio Equipment Shelters

New, Used, Excess, Refurbished, and Surplus Shelters

Concrete, Metal, Aggregate, or ISO type

Fully Assembled or Knocked Down

In Stock And Ready To Ship!!


Used Equipment Shelters
New Equipment Shelters



Zinga Zinc Coating for towers, monopoles, and mounts



Solar Power for Radio Antenna TowersSolar Array for Antenna Towers
Solar power for telecommunication applications. Products include photovoltaic (PV) components and packaged power systems, solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and chargers, inverters and generators, power supplies, and all accessories. Complete design assistance.

Wind Power for Antenna Towers
Wind Turbines for Radio Antenna Towers
TP Pro WIND offers battery charging wind turbines for remote homes, sailboats, recreational vehicles, telecommunications, and hybrid systems. TP Pro WIND offers a complete line of wind turbines for virtually any application. Complete design assistance.


Telescoping Masts

Telescoping Masts
For guyed & bracketed installations. 20’ – 50’

• In stock & ready to ship
• Made from high grade steel. Galvanized!!
• New & improved guy rings, clamps, and hardware.
• All accessories available. Guy wire, brackets, bases, and anchors.

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Radio Equipment Cabinets
Excess, Used, and Refurbished

Save on equipment shelters, cabinets, generators, support structures ( towers and poles), and more. Call today for product availability. 765-427-5827

New Radio Equipment Cabinets



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