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Design and order your Factory Direct:
Communication Equipment Shelter

Most TP Pro structures can be fully assembled by a two person crew in a single day or less. And you don't need skilled craftsmen to do the work. Just make sure there's a concrete slab or other prepared flat surface ready to serve as a base. Your shipment from TP Pro will include easy-to-follow plans and installation instructions in addition to the components needed for rapid assembly of a complete structure.
You don't have to fumble with dozens of nuts and bolts to assemble a TP Pro structure. Strong cam-type locking mechanisms are precisely built into each panel to let you quickly join panels in perfect vertical and horizontal alignment. We even supply a hex wrench to engage the cam locks. Tongue and groove panels with foamed-in-place gaskets provide a uniform air-tight seal.


Step 1:
Tell us your required size:
width x length x height*
*8’ inside height standard

Step 2:
Tell us your AC-heat requirements:
1 ton through 6 ton
single or dual redundant

Step 3:
Tell us your electrical requirements:
Load Center Size:
How many wall outlets?
How many inside 4’ fluorescent fixtures?
Outside light with photocell?

Step 4:
Give us your accessory requirements:
Need a waveguide entry port?
Need ceiling cable racks?
Just describe any other accessory requirement.

Design assumes a 3’ X 7’ door with lock. Shelter includes a floor that should
be concrete slab mounted. A complete drawing package is included along
with suggested concrete slab foundation drawings based on EIA/TIA normal
soil requirements. Shelter requires field assembly. Normal assembly time for
the basic shell and door is 3-4 hours.

Only a licensed, trained and professional electrician should attempt any electrical installation for this shelter.

OPTIONAL: off-load and concrete pad installation, shelter assembly, and professional electrical installation including AC available anywhere in North america. Just ask us for details!! Map indicates contractor locations:
Do you Require these services?

Step 5:
Company Name:
Contact Name:
City: State: Zip:

Shelter Address:
City: State: Zip:

Please allow 2-3 business days for


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