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TP Pro Line Card

Nello Towers
Complete line of 15N, 20N, 25N, 45N, 55N, and 65N series towers. 24", 36" and 48" face guyed towers up to 1500'. Self-supporting towers from 10' to 800'. Tapered steel monopoles. Distribution products that include tripods, non-pens, wall
and roof mounts, telescoping masts, tubing, co-location tower components, waveguide supports/accessories, grounding supplies, and a complete line of communication accessories.



New, Used, Excess, Refurbished, and Surplus Shelters

Concrete, Metal, Aggregate, or ISO type

Fully Assembled or Knocked Down

In Stock And Ready To Ship!!



Solar power for telecommunication applications. Products include photovoltaic (PV) components and packaged power systems, solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and chargers, inverters and generators, power supplies, and all accessories. Complete design assistance.

TP Pro WIND offers battery charging wind turbines for remote homes, sailboats, recreational vehicles, telecommunications, and hybrid systems. TP Pro WIND offers a complete line of wind turbines for virtually any application. Complete design assistance.



TP Pro can provide you with the lowest cost and the most reliable bandwidth services available. Direct from fiber and microwave service providers. For pricing, just send us your area code and dialing prefix, along with the connection termination address. Point to point pricing also available.. Full internet T-1 and up anywhere in the continental US states.





LeaseCorp Leasing
The development and management of vendor leasing programs.  Fixed rate financing on head-end and customer premise equipment. Experienced in leasing to WISP accounts.


Digitron Communications
Nationwide customer premise installation services utilizing a network of over 1800 service technicians throughout all of North America, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.


Shelby BX Towers                             
Self-supporting towers up to 64' in height.  8' assembled sections.  Made of pre-galvanized sheet metal with riveted brace connections. Convenient shipping, handling, and assembly.  Ideal for Home TV, Amateur Radio, Telemetry, and WLAN networks.


Excess, Used, and Refurbished

Save on equipment shelters, cabinets, generators, support structures ( towers and poles), and more. Call today for product availability. 765-427-5827



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